“A superior, hands-on learning experience. I wouldn’t send my technician’s anywhere else for their training.”
— George Smith, Service Manager, RV World

“…now a service manager of 20 employees, I highly recommend the training courses at RVSA for the RV service industry.”
— Mike Croom, RV Wizard, iRV2.com

“Having the RVSA Certification has opened doors for employment and RV dealers know you have the skills they need.”
— Stephen M. Gaier, Owner, On-Site RV Services

“Thanks to you… I have my own RV repair business… may need an RVSA graduate and would be glad to talk to anyone…”
— Gene Kelley, Gene Kelley Co., Mobile RV Repair

“The knowledge I gained from RVSA opened the doors to the real world of RV service.”
— Bob Kortan, BJ’s Mobile Rv Service and Repair

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