Prior to the commercialization of some of the first motorized campers in 1910, Americans camped and explored out of private railcars. The earliest rendition of today’s recreational vehicle lacked the amenities modern buyers have come to expect, but they allowed campers freedom to travel away from the train routes and still have a comfortable night’s sleep. Since then, the RV lifestyle has continued to grow into the massive industry it is today.

Why Is The RV Industry Still Growing?

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The recreational vehicle lifestyle attracts many people because an RV provides the ideal vehicle for balancing home comfort with exploration. Some Americans camp cowboy style in front of the fire, but this is not an option for others, especially for families with young children and adults whose bodies can no longer handle sleeping on the ground. RV owners enjoy the benefits of comfort and modern amenities while still getting to experience the beauty of the great outdoors.

Diverse Ownership

Recreational vehicles can be designed and purchased for a wide variety of purposes, so many types of people can enjoy them. For example, one family may invest in an RV they use for camping and traveling to the kids’ weekend sports games while another buyer is looking for the perfect vehicle in which to throw mad parties. Some owners even live right out of their RVs.  

Record-Breaking Trends  

According to the latest industry information provided by Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), 2014 saw the highest level of RV ownership ever recorded at more than 9,000,000 households.

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